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The world is your mixer. Play the space!®

Turning Environments Into Instruments

We all have our favorite places: Under a weeping willow by the Lake in Central Park. Strolling beside the reflecting pool at Lincoln Center. Watching the sunset from a riverside promenade. Many times we're listening to music on our mobile devices. Sometimes it fits, and sometimes it doesn't.

But what if the music was already a part of the place, waiting for you to discover it? And what if that music responded to your precise location in that place, morphing from section to section, allowing you to produce your own personal soundtrack, just by walking around?

U-GRUVE AR is the app that lets you do just that. Now you can create soundscapes with original music composed specifically for select public spaces. And because the arrangement is controlled by your position and interaction within the space, the resulting piece will vary every time.

All Original Music
Every place is unique, so the music must be as well. All U-GRUVE AR music is custom-created by our composers for each location
New Tracks Added Transparently
New locations, artists, and tracks will be continuously added to the app via the Cloud, so no need for intrusive updates or downloads
No Time Limit
Once you've received access to a location, composer, or track, you can take all the time you'd like to explore and listen
MixMap View
Like the regular GPS map, The MixMap displays your position in realtime, but relative to the audio zones defined by the composer
3D Sound Placement
Musical parts can be associated with statues, sculptures, and other objects, and, for example, can grow louder as you approach them
More on the Way in 2021
We have many more features planned, including: Path Saving, Social Sharing, Multi-player Mode. Stay Tuned!

Get Movin' and Get Gruvin'

U-GRUVE AR blurs the line between listening and performing, and turns your normal, passive, listening experience into one that is enriching, memorable, and unique, ultimately strengthening your connection to the places you love.

Download on the App Store  Get it on Google Play Once you download and install the free app, here's all you need to do:
  1. Fire up the app.

    Make sure you've got GPS turned on

  2. Get to a U-GRUVE location.

    The app will show you the closest one. If you're there already, great!

  3. Pick a track...

    ...and start gruvin'!

Also be sure to check out these handy tips for getting started after you download the app!


Your location is our stage. Let's work together!

u-gruve can be customized and branded for your specific location or event. If you represent an outdoor space like a park or a garden, we welcome the opportunity to join forces and produce a unique musical experience for your visitors.
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Open Call For Composers

We're still on the hunt for forward-thinking composers who are interested in helping to establish this new channel for music experience. And while the nature of the format lends itself well to loop-based music (minimalism, electronica, etc.), all styles and genres can work and are welcome. Get in touch, and we'll send you a copy of our Composer's Guide.
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self-portrait_2013-squareU-GRUVE AR was designed and created by Richard Rodkin, a New York-based composer and creative technologist. The app was officially launched for iOS on May 07, 2016, in conjunction with the inaugural session of New York Creative Technology Week, and was selected as an exhibiting partner.

memetic arts, inc. U-GRUVE AR is published by Memetic Arts, Inc., a New York-based digital media company focused on bringing innovative Creative Tech-driven applications to market.

unity-logo U-GRUVE AR is made with the Unity Technologies game engine.

playMaker The User Interface is also built within Unity, and leverages the Hutong Games' PlayMaker plug-in, for dynamically managing and displaying the data and controlling all UI interaction.

logoNGUIThe UI itself is rendered by Tasharen Entertainment's NGUI plug-in for Unity.

All music appearing in U-GRUVE AR is used with permission of the composers, who retain full ownership and copyright of their respective works.

Help make U-GRUVE AR even better!

U-GRUVE AR officially launched in early May 2016, and we released version 1.0.1 on 18 May. We're currently testing Version 1.2, so if you live in or near a U-GRUVE AR location, own a late-model smartphone (iOS or Android), and would like to become a beta tester, we'd love to hear from you.
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