u-gruve: AR Concept Simulation

Cantor Roof Garden, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Though u-gruve is currently being developed as an Augmented Reality application, it was originally conceived as a fully immersive Virtual Reality experience. After shifting to “AR mode”, however, we found that purely verbal explanations of the application’s functionality often fell short of successfully communicating its basic premise.

We soon realized that we could create simulations of the AR version by using the immersive 3D prototype that we’d built some time earlier, as it utilized the same core code, and could be easily tailored to almost any situation. In this case we were working with an artist to prepare an installation piece in which the music would essentially be “attached” to a set of sculptures, each of which would affect the music as participants approached and meandered through them.

This simulation operates much like a first-person immersive game, in which you navigate by using the arrow (or WASD) keys, and you look around by moving the mouse or swiping the touchpad. Music is triggered on/off when you contact the colorful sculptures in any way.

Please note that while this simulation was prepared in conjunction with a proposal for an installation in the Met’s Cantor Roof Garden, the proposal has not yet been submitted, and the work is still in development.


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