u-gruve: AR Functional Prototype

Lincoln Center, New York, NY

I’ve posted this prototype since it marks a significant point in U-GRUVE AR’s development, effectively representing the first field-tested version of the app. While we are showing the web version here, the identical code was deployed to the iPhone and tested live in Lincoln Center’s plaza area.

The test validated 1) the ability to, within Unity 3D, trigger audio clips with sample-accurate timing via GPS, and 2) that our implementation of the Vincenty Formula to convert polar (Lat/Lon) coordinates to a Cartesian (x/y) plane was correct. Detailed results will be discussed in a future post.

In this web-based version, we’ve substituted GPS control of the “blue dot” with the common “WASD” keyboard navigation commands.

While we have advanced significantly since this prototype was produced — particularly with the GUI itself — we still welcome your comments and feedback. That’s what this blog is for, so please don’t hesitate.

To Start

  1. Click the “Begin” button to access the Main Menu
  2. On the Main Menu, click the “Locations” button
  3. From the Locations List, select “Lincoln Center”
  4. Select “memetic / fountain / 2012”

Basic Features

  • Audio clips can be triggered at any time by navigating your avatar into any of the colored areas (the “MixMap”). Clips are turned off by either exiting or re-entering a region.
  • The satellite map is displayed by default, as an orientation aid. Click “Menu=>Settings=>Toggle Satellite Map” to turn it off.
  • The MixMap is displayed by default, and displays the regions to which audio clips have been assigned. click “Menu=>Settings=>Toggle Mix Map” to turn it off.
  • In “Menu=>Settings”, “Transpose MixMap” normally allows users who can’t be at the actual location to literally bring the MixMap to his/her current location. As it requires GPS to function, this feature is disabled in the web version.


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