“walkie talkie dream angles”: An Interactive Sound Walk by Dafna Naphtali

now available on the iTunes App Store

wtda-cover-02bWelcome SoundWalkers! “walkie talkie dream angles”, is a new, original work by New York-based electro-acoustic composer/performer Dafna Naphtali that was created specifically for the 2016 NoiseGate Festival. The piece functions as an interactive sound walk from Washington Square down to Harvestworks (Prince/Broadway), with forays to sonically interesting spaces to underscore the loss of quiet in this part of the city where Ms. Naphtali has worked for many years.

What do I need to do to hear it?

appStoreButtonThe music is experienced through the “walkie talkie dream angles” app, a customized version of the U-GRUVE Audio Augmented Reality system, which you can download now on the iTunes App Store.

Ok, I downloaded the app. . . how do I use it?

wsp_mapOnce you’ve downloaded and installed the “walkie talkie dream angles” app, you must be physically on-site to successfully use it. As you can see in the map below, the piece covers the entirety of Washington Square Park, and outlines a route southward down to the entrance of Harvestworks, who are hosting a collection of physical installations in their space as part of the festival. When you start up the app, you will see a blue (or sometimes white!) dot in the center of the screen, which indicates your position. Simply keep the dot within any of the colored shapes and you’ve got it. You can start anywhere, take as much time as you want, and move in any direction at any time.

Audio Preview

About “walkie talkie dream angles”

from the composer:
Presenting “walkie talkie dream angles” at NoiseGate 2016 is an opportunity to bring a favorite urban environment of mine to musical life and present it in a unique and individual way. With pre-recorded environmental sounds from the area that I will audio-process, I layer these sounds with my voice, and use some thoughtful strategizing about site-specific listening, interactivity and attention span.

For a better sense of how everything works, you can watch this short video: