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U-GRUVE AR: Turning Environments Into Instruments

We all have our favorite places.  Under a weeping willow in our favorite park. . . Strolling beside the garden’s reflecting pool . . . Watching the sunset from a riverside promenade.

Many times we’re listening to music on our mobile devices. Sometimes it fits, and sometimes it doesn’t.

But what if the music was already a part of the place, waiting for you to discover it? And what if that music changed from section to section, allowing you to experience your own personal soundtrack, just by walking around?

U-GRUVE AR is the app that lets you do just that. Now you can experience soundscapes made with original music composed specifically for select public spaces. And because the arrangement is determined by your unique path, the resulting piece is different every time. Join us as we turn composers into collaborators, listeners into performers, and environments into instruments.

Get Movin' and Get Gruvin'!

U-GRUVE AR blurs the line between listening and performing, and turns your normal, passive, listening experience into one that is enriching, memorable, and unique, ultimately strengthening your connection to the places you love.

Once you download and install the free app, here’s all you need to do:

Fire Up the App

Make sure GPS is turned on!

Get to a U-GRUVE Location

The app shows you the closest one

Pick a Track

And get Gruvin'!


The Only App of Its Kind

All original music

Every place is unique, so the music must be as well. All U-GRUVE AR music is custom-created by our composers for each location

MixMap view

Like the regular GPS map, The MixMap displays your position in realtime, but relative to the audio zones defined by the composer

Transparent Updates

New locations, artists, and tracks will be continuously added to the app via the Cloud, so no need for intrusive updates or downloads

3D sound placement

Musical parts can be associated with statues, sculptures, and other objects, and, for example, can grow louder as you approach them

No time limit

Once you've received access to a location, composer, or track, you can take all the time you'd like to explore and listen

More on the way in 2020

We have many more features planned, including: Path Saving, Social Sharing, Multi-player Mode. Stay Tuned!


Your location is our stage. Let's work together!

U-GRUVE AR can be customized and branded for your specific location or event. We welcome the opportunity to join forces and produce a unique musical experience for your visitors.

Partner With Us!


    It’s all about the music, none of which would be possible without the talents of these amazing composers, each of them leaders in the contemporary music scene.


    Learn more about them and what interactive, location-based music means to their work.


    Dafna Naphtali

    Ambient Electronic

    Milica Paranosic

    Ambient Electronic

    Kamala Sankaram

    Ambient Electronic

    Jesse Stiles


    Barbara J Weber

    Ambient Electronic

    Michael Durek

    Open Call For Composers!

    We’re still on the hunt for forward-thinking composers interested in helping to establish this new channel for music experience. Get in touch, and we’ll send you a copy of our Composer’s Guide.

    Get the Composer's Guide


      As you might expect, the coronavirus situation has forced us to postpone our Spring and Summer series of soundwalks. And while we won’t be holding group events for the foreseeable future, fresh air and excercise are highly recommended, and so is soundwalking, as long as you are responsible and respect others by  wearing  a mask and socially distancing.


      Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to resuming our schedule and hope you see you all very soon!

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      "Getting Started With U-GRUVE AR and Aleatoric, Location-driven Music Systems: A Guide for Composers" is now available to anyone interested in creating music with the U-GRUVE AR system. We've kept it intentionally high-level so that composers could quickly find the most-needed information and then get down to the business of composing.

      Help Make U-GRUVE AR Even Better!

      If you live in or near a U-GRUVE location, own a recently manufactured iOS or Android phone or tablet, and would like to become a beta tester, we’d love to hear from you.

      Find out about beta testing